I can still remember the time, when I spent a whole day download Fedora Core 5 install images from redhat official website. I have tried several Linux versions on my Dell laptop. The original installed Microsoft Windows XP make no means to me as I can't arrange many system services on it. So I find several Linux distributions like Mandrake, Suse, in the FTP site of campus, and burn them into CDs. But I think they are too old not because there relatively long history, but there missing function: non of them can drive my network device, though I must say Suse shows an excellent appearance. Then Fedora Cora 5 did it. I can connect to the internet and find answers to various of problems and questions, that's fabulous. At that time I was not familiar with Linux style enough to solve some of the problems. Soon Fedora Core 6 come out with the ability to recognize my sound card. It is a WOW! experience because FC6 added several features which make it an perfect Desktop environment. I learned linux style opereation on FC6, server my computer as an mini http/ftp server, they are all so exciting for a beginner as me. Months later I have knowledge of Fedora Development project, which add the newest packages to Fedora to form a new version at the end. I joined the group and began the excellent experience. I would say: Linux is funny, and Open Source softwares will do everything perfect, better than most of other known operating systems.