Extends Net::SSH by adding Kerberos authentication capability for password-less logins on multiple ruby platforms.

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Add Kerberos (password-less) authentication capabilities to Net::SSH, without the need for modifying Net::SSH source code.

This is a great way to help get Capistrano to be accepted in mid-to-large size enterprises with strict security rules.

No more getting locked out of the network because you mis-typed your password - even if your company prohibits public key or host-based authentication. If your organization uses Kerberos (many mid-to-large size corporations do), you can use this package to get password-less authentication without breaking your company's security guidelines.

How to use with Capistrano

Add the following lines to the top of your Capfile (the relevant :auth_method is "gssapi-with-mic")

  require 'net/ssh/kerberos'
  set :ssh_options, { :auth_methods => %w(gssapi-with-mic publickey hostbased password keyboard-interactive) }

How to use with 'net/ssh'

With bundler, add the following lines to Gemfile.

  gem 'net-ssh', :require => 'net/ssh'

  # for ruby <~ 1.8.7
  gem 'net-ssh-kerberos', :git => '', :branch => 'master', :require => 'net/ssh/kerberos'

  # for ruby ~> 1.9.1
  gem 'net-ssh-krb', :git => '', :branch => 'gssapi', :require => 'net/ssh/kerberos'

Set :auth_methods in Net::SSH options.

  #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  require 'rubygems'
  require 'bundler'

  Net::SSH.start('', 'root', {:auth_methods => ["gssapi-with-mic"]}) do |ssh|
    puts ssh.exec!('hostname')



Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Joe Khoobyar. See LICENSE for details.