addProgressListener( listener, notifyMask )
    Return type: no return value
    Add a progress listener to the browser which will monitor loaded documents. The progress listener should implement the nsIWebProgressListener interface.

loadURI( uri, referrer, charset )
    Return type: no return value
    Load a URL into the document, with the given referrer and character set.

If you use an nsIURI argument for the first, uri, argument, the call will fail. If you use a string URL it will work.
    Return type: no return value
    Equivalent to pressing the Stop button, this method stops the currently loading document.

interface nsIServerSocketListener : nsISupports


 This interface is notified whenever a server socket accepts a new connection.
 The transport is in the connected state, and read/write streams can be opened
 using the normal nsITransport API.  The address of the client can be found by
 calling the nsISocketTransport::GetAddress method or by inspecting
 nsISocketTransport::GetHost, which returns a string representation of the
 client's IP address (NOTE: this may be an IPv4 or IPv6 string literal).


 This method is called when a client connection is accepted.

 @param aServ
        The server socket.
 @param aTransport
        The connected socket transport.

void onSocketAccepted(in nsIServerSocket aServ, in nsISocketTransport aTransport)


 This method is called when the listening socket stops for some reason.
 The server socket is effectively dead after this notification.

 @param aServ
        The server socket.
 @param aStatus
        The reason why the server socket stopped listening.  If the
        server socket was manually closed, then this value will be

void onStopListening(in nsIServerSocket aServ, in nsresult aStatus)

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